What are the Toolbox Workshops?

Based on the principles set forth in Eigenbrode et al (2007) and other sources, we offer facilitated, dialogue-based workshops that help teams identify and examine the range of assumptions they make about their collaborative project. The principal benefit for your researchers is the self-awareness and mutual understanding generated by the dialogue about participant research assumptions. We collect various data during the 3-4 hour session and use those data to inform an analytical report that we produce and return to the team. These data are also integrated with the research data we have collected from the more than 170 of these workshops we have conducted around the world.

If you are interested in participating in a Toolbox workshop, please contact us as . At your convenience, we will conduct workshops based on the Toolbox approach for one or more teams from your project. In addition to the Toolbox workshops, we can deliver a presentation to your group or a wider audience about the approach.

Who has participated in Toolbox Workshops?

Since 2005, we have conducted over 175 workshops, mainly in the United States, but also in Canada, Australia, Sweden, Japan, and Kenya:

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