Toolbox at the Ecosystems Impacts of Oil & Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG)-2 All-Hands Meeting

December 10, 2015 at 4:44 pm

This past weekend, Drs. O’Rourke and Vasko traveled to Athens, GA for the Ecosystems Impacts of Oil & Gas Inputs to the Gulf (ECOGIG)-2 All-Hands meeting. According to ECOGIG’s website, they are “…one of eight research consortia awarded grants by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GoMRI), a 20-member independent research board created to allocate the $500 million committed by BP for independent research programs following the April 20, 2010, Macondo well blowout.” On Saturday, December 5, Drs. O’Rourke and Vasko facilitated two Toolbox workshops for PIs on the ECOGIG project that focused on fostering collaboration and communication within the ECOGIG PI team. These workshops marked the debut of our new online Toolbox app. An ECOGIG-specific science communication and team communication survey was also implemented during the workshop, with live results presented to participants. Our end of the day discussions brought both workshops together to discuss the Toolbox instrument, the survey, and issues of communication and collaboration within ECOGIG.

Additionally, as part of both ECOGIG and Dr. Vasko’s* commitment to graduate education, Dr. Vasko ran a separate workshop for the ECOGIG graduate students and postdocs on the morning of Sunday, December 6.

We look forward to our continuing work with ECOGIG-2!

*See S.E. Vasko. “The Alternative Career is no Longer Alternative.” Physics Today (6 August 2014).